Schools are currently 100% virtual learning. Visit mmsd.org/covid-19 for more information.

La educación se está impartiendo actualmente a través de aprendizaje virtual al 100%. Si desea obtener más información visite mmsd.org/actualizaciones-del-mmsd.

Cov tsev kawm ntawv niaj hnub no kawm hauv computer/online 100%. Mus saib hauv mmsd.org/lus-qhia-tshiab-hauv-mmsd yog xav paub ntxiv.

  • Visit our MMSD Virtual Learning Resources Hub, where you'll find online tools and resources designed specifically to support you, and ensure your family understands the expectations and requirements for the 2020-2021 virtual learning environment.
  • 2020 Referenda - Future Ready
  • We Are All In This Together
  • Todas estamos juntas en esto
  • Community Resources and Relief Fund Application
    Find information for free laundry, food and more, and complete an application for relief funds.
  • Hawthorne Student Support Team Site
    Our Student Support Team is here to offer and connect students, families, and staff with LEARNING, HEALTH & WELLNESS, MENTAL HEALTH, and COMMUNITY support and resources
  • Hawthorne Community Celebrates New Mural
    With the help of our community partners and friends, Hawthorne scholars now have a beautified route to school.

Welcome to Virtual Learning

We are a school of many races and cultures. The Hawthorne School community respects all of its members. We, as African-Americans, Asian-Americans, European-Americans, Hispanic/Latino-Americans, Native Americans and others, contribute our knowledge and experience to strengthen the community as a whole.