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Madison Metropolitan School District

About Us

Welcome to Hawthorne Elementary School!

Multicultural, anti-biased education is fundamentally a perspective. It is a point of view that is incorporated in all subject areas, and addresses the histories and experiences of all people. Its purpose is to help us deal equitably with the diversity that exists in our human family. This diversity includes race, culture, gender, sexual orientation, language, socioeconomic level, age, health, physical and mental ability, physical, religious, family structure and other differences. This philosophy is grounded in an appreciation and respect for all people.

It is our goal that all members of the Hawthorne school community will play a positive role in ensuring each of our children a multicultural, anti-biased education. We are a country of many races and cultures.

The Hawthorne School community (students, parents, guardians, staff, and volunteers), respects this country’s diversity, both historically and in our vision of the future. We are a rich multi-cultural tapestry that is strengthened by our differences. We embrace a global perspective, sharing our common humanity and addressing the concerns that bind all peoples. We are each an important part of our community, country and world.


We can change the world.

The Hawthorne School community strives to recognize and combat bias, prejudice, racism and discrimination, and to find ways to include all people on an equal footing. We recognize and accept our responsibility to work toward a just world.

Students listen to their teacher during large group time.
A group of four students have fun in the snow.

School mission statement

The mission of Hawthorne School, a diverse, inclusive community of learners committed to fostering collective work and responsibility and mutual respect, to ensure that all students acquire the academic, social and other skills to create a better world; experience success by working at their potential, while always striving to achieve their best; and consistently encourage and inspire their curiosity and love for learning. Our intent is to provide a challenging, multicultural curriculum which integrates the arts and responds to each child’s interests, learning needs and style; and gives a voice to the ideas and cultural experiences of all members of the Hawthorne community.