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Madison Metropolitan School District

Traffic Plan

To make the parking lots and drop-off/pick up areas safe for children, we ask that you adhere to the following rules:

  1. To drop off or pick up children while you stay in the car, use the circular drive on Concord Avenue. Traffic must keep moving to avoid congestion. Please do not drop off children in either of the parking lots.
  2. To park your car and walk your child into school or pick up your child at the end of the day, you may park your car in the Concord or Lexington Street parking lots or on a side street near school.
  3. When parking in the Lexington Street parking lot, do not park in the areas marked in yellow or block the entrance to this parking lot. Traffic must be able to move in and out of this parking lot.
  4. Please DO NOT use the circular drive on Lexington Street to pick up your child. This area is for vans and busses ONLY.


Tickets of $150.00 or more will be issued to violators by the City of Madison Parking Enforcement.

Please note any fire lanes and signs. Drivers who leave their cars parked and unattended in this space will be ticketed by the City of Madison Parking Enforcement.