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Madison Metropolitan School District

Traffic Plan

To make the parking lots and drop-off/pick up areas safe for children, we ask that you adhere to the following rules:

Arrival is from 7:20-7:35 each day. Please do not drop off students earlier than 7:20 as staff supervision does not begin until 7:20.

All students Kindergarten-5th grade are asked to arrive and dismiss through Door 2 (facing Lexington Ave). From 7:20-7:35 students may only be dropped off at Door 2, on Lexington Ave. Please do not bring students to Door 1 (off Concord Avenue) during this time.

After 7:35, students are considered late and should be dropped off at Door 1 (off of Concord Ave.), in order to sign in at the office.

4K students can be dropped off at the 4K Doors marked in the staff parking lot off of Concord Ave. Only families of 4K students should drop off and pick up here. Older siblings of 4K students will be directed to walk along the front of the school, past Door 1 and down the garden path to Door 2 for arrival. For dismissal, older siblings of 4K students will meet their 4K sibling at Door 7 for pick up.

Please help us keep Lexington Ave moving! Lexington should only be used for dropping off and picking up without parking. To park, please use Christianson, Jacobson, or Fairmont and walk your student across Lexington. On Lexington Ave, please drop off/pick up students on the side of the road closest to the school. If crossing is necessary, please only use the designated crossing areas.