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Why should adults get all the information?!

So, just for you, here are some fun reasons why you will think our school is the greatest!

Celebration of the Arts

Special nights are set aside each year to show off your artwork and put on vocal, strings and dance performances.

Terrace Town

A marvelous adventure for 2nd & 3rd  grade students to go the Monona Terrace cultural center and display the terrific cityscapes they have built in art.


Students have the chance to work with special artists in music, drama, and art.

Learn About The World

At Hawthorne, we learn about many people and many cultures - tell us about yours!

Beginning and End of the Year Picnics

School families get together for a potluck meal at Hawthorne in the fall and the spring.

Remember, you're "At Home At Hawthorne Elementary School!"