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full day 4k program

We are a school of many races and cultures. The Hawthorne School community respects all of its members. We, as African-Americans, Asian-Americans, European-Americans, Hispanic/Latino-Americans, Native Americans and others, contribute our knowledge and experience to strengthen the community as a whole.

We foster acceptance of all cultures. We strive to provide a vision of a multi-cultural community. Hawthorne parents feel connected to the school. The principal and staff are accessible to parents. Learning at Hawthorne is considered a partnership. We encourage parents to take an active role in their child's school program. Parents, students and teachers work together to set learning goals for the year. Parents can volunteer in classrooms and can lend their time and talents to support learning in many ways.

School Tours are welcomed. Please call in advance to arrange an appointment at 204-2500.

We encourage you to talk with parents of our students to learn more about our school. Please see the Principal or Parent Contact information on this web site for current names and phone numbers.